Since February of 2005, Camp Kiwanee’s Needles Lodge has been listed on the National Register of Historic Properties. Boasting as the first ever Hanson property to be listed, you can see why this treasured building and entire facility is a true gem. Originally a summer retreat home to Albert Burrage, a Bostonian lawyer and businessman, no exact date of initial building is known. However, the land was purchased in 1899 and during 1904 Albert and his family enjoyed summer residence at Maquan Pond. A devasting fire in 1907 destroyed the house and its contents.  “The Needles” was rebuilt along with a stone firehouse and cottage building, both erected of concrete, all completely finished by 1908. Mr. Burrage sold “The Needles” property to the non-profit Camp Fire Girls in 1922 on a whim, because he thought Hanson was taxing him too heavily.

Originally known as Camp Kiwanis, a Native American phrase believed to mean “We get together” or “We make noise” the Camp Fire Girls opened the camp in June 1923.  The store building, craft cabins, and other buildings were erected during the Camp Fire Girls’ ownership.

In 1979 the Town of Hanson voted to purchase the entire acreage. Today, we take pride in our history and want you to be a part of ours!!  We thank you for looking into our facility for your function and hope you enjoy our cozy Needles Lodge.

Message from the Chairperson

The Town of Hanson has a seven member board, the Camp Kiwanee Commission, which oversees Camp Kiwanee. We appreciate any comments, questions or concerns, or new ideas you may have and we want to hear from you. You can contact us at [email protected].  We are also available by phone @ 781 293-2333.

Enjoy your visit!!

Our Lodge function hall is a unique, one of a kind, historic building. A true gem with a rustic appeal that’s all it’s own! Come for a visit and experience the Camp Kiwanee Needles Lodge for yourself!!


The Town of Hanson Camp Kiwanee is always searching for talent/skills for recreational activities. If you have a skill/talent you would like to share or an idea you would like to see explored at the camp, please let us know.    Music, Arts/Crafts, Sewing, Cooking, Painting, Board Games, Programs, Lego Building, Trading Cards, Afterschool  Activities-Ideas always welcome. Email [email protected]